Music Festivals in Italy

The language of music is universal, everybody speaks it. That’s the beauty of music, from high opera to pop, you don’t have to understand the words to understand the music.

Italy’s musical legacy is of course incomparable, and the tradition is very much alive in the bel paese with music festivals of world standing. The three biggest and most well-attended music festivals in Italy are the Ravello Festival on the Amalfi Coast, the Spoleto Festival of the Two Worlds and Umbria Jazz. Starting with the Ravello Festival, it began as a homage to the work of Wagner, and it is now a two-month long explosion of classical music. Its setting is uniquely beautiful, the main auditorium in the Villa Ruffolo and the Belvedere above have views that are amongst the best in Ravello, which the village with the best views on the Amalfi Coast, itself the most breathtaking coastline on the Italian peninsula. The superlatives are endless. A recent innovation has been the new Niemeyer Auditorium, designed by Brazil’s architectural genius, Oscar Niemayer, a curvaceous white construction extending out from the rock face, apparently unsupported. This year’s festival starts on 8 July and ends on 28 August. La Calcara is on the coast just below Ravello, and Torre Cesarea is for big parties up to 18, with its outdoor jacuzzi as well as pool(Villas In Tuscany).

Moving to Umbria, the Festival of Two Worlds, better known outside Italy as the Spoleto music festival has been held since 1958 in Spoleto, when it was founded by Gian Carlo Menotti, its aim is to bring together Europe and America in a celebration of the arts in general, and you can see from the programme on the web site that there are literally dozens of events put on over a three week period in late June and early July. This year’s has just started but will continue until Sunday 10 July, so hurry! A nearby villa is our La Colomba, part of a complex with Frantoio di Poreta and Melograno di Poreta.

If classical isn’t what you’re looking for, then still in Umbria is the Umbria Jazz festival. Featured artists this year are B.B.King, Chick Corea, Carlos Santana and even Prince and Liza Minelli, as well as a lot of home-grown talent. It takes place mainly in Perugia and there’s a wealth of free concerts as well as paid-for events in the main arenas. Nearby Casarossa is useful in that it sleeps 12, but you can have it for less if you’re only 6. Poggio al Cerro has phenomenal views too(Florence Apartment Rental).

The up-and-coming region of the South is Puglia with its famous Trulli (whitewashed roundhouses with stone roofs) and it has its own music festival which takes place at Marina Franca near Taranto between 15 July and 2 August this year. It features planty of the classic favourites such as Liszt and Rossini, but there’s also quite a hint of the modern with Schonberg and Weill. Films too – Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” for example. The nearest vill is Pizzariello.

Wikipedia has a good list of available festivals with links to their websites, official and unofficial, so enjoy during your stay at a Dolce Vita Villas villa.

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